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Take a look at  all of our programs to get your preschooler active and engaged below.

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All the World's A Stage

Drama based activities and skill-building will help advance your child's ability to imagine new worlds, become incredible characters, and share fantastic stories. Maximum enrollment is 12 students. Program is offered at the West Side YMCA.

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Busy Bodies

Busy Bodies is a child's .first gym class. It emphasizes on large motor groups. After a short song and stretch time, children burn ofenergy on the equipment under the supervision of a grown up. The instructor works with each child's individual strength. Class also features parachute time, singing with props and movement games. Children are welcome to explore the room, participate in circle time and discover themselves Program is offered at the West Side YMCA.

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Gymnastics for Preschoolers

This program introduces tumbling, rhythmic movement and education to preschoolers and gymnastic skills and combinations to youth. Program is available at the West Side YMCA.

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Let's Get Cooking!

In this delicious class, future chefs will work together to create healthy snacks, desserts, and light meals in our newly remodeled kitchen! They will then get to taste the results of their efforts. Finally, they will create a cookbook so they can share their creations with their families at home. YUM! Program is available at the Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA.

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Soccer for Preschoolers

Children's soccer is an instructional class that teaches basic soccer skills, as well as a love for sport. Develops teamwork and participation in a fun, non-competitive environment. Program is available at the Bronx, Cross Island, Dodge, Prospect Park and West Side YMCA.

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