Frequently Asked Questions

What are the YMCA hours of operation?

All of our branches are open M-F from 6AM to 10PM and Sat and Sun from 8AM to 8PM however some have extended hours so be sure to check with the branch for specific information.

What does my membership include?

Your membership gives you full access to the fitness centers, pools, gyms, a wide variety of free classes, free Y Fit Start program, Child Watch, discounted programs and priority registration.

How can I get started if I'm a beginner?

We offer a free 12 week start up program called Y Fit Start.  You will meet with your own personal coach who will help you get started. You can sign up at the front desk.  If you are interested in taking classes, the majority of our classes are attended by beginners. Let the instructor know you are a new member and they will help you get acclimated to the class.

Can I join a class anytime?

You are welcome and encouraged to participate in classes anytime. For classes that have learning progression you will be notified at registration so you can begin when the session starts.

Do I have to pay for classes or are they included in my membership?

Many group exercise classes are included free with your membership. Check the schedules, web site or program guide for a listing of all programs.

What can my kids do at the Y?

In addition to all the program offerings available for kids, depending on their ages they can utilize the facility in other ways as well. We have Child Watch for the younger kids while you work out and some branches have Kid Zone for the older kids. Once they turn 12 they can take a youth equipment orientation and use the fitness center. Teens have additional privileges and opportunities.

Do you have programs for seniors?

We are pleased to offer programs specially designed for seniors. Check out the "Muscular Strength and Range of Motion" class sometimes referred to as the "Silver Sneakers" class. Many seniors enjoy the water exercise classes and Y Fit Start is always a great program for beginning with weight and cardio machines.

Can I cancel anytime?

At the Y there are no contracts to sign.  If you need to cancel for any reason we ask for 15 days notice.

What is YFS?

YFS stands for Y Fit Start (formerly YPF/Y Personal Fitness).  It's a free 12 week program included with membership that helps people get started with exercise.  You will meet with a coach and gradually learn how to use weight and cardio equipment in a comfortable setting.

What should I wear/bring with me to work out?

Wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes however they don't have to be fancy or expensive.  You'll need a lock if you are going to use the locker room and a swim cap to go swimming.

How does the program schedule work?

We run 6 - 8 week sessions per year.  Priority registration for members is accepted 2 weeks prior to the start of each session.  Community members may register 1 week prior to the start of each session.

What classes do you have?

The Y has classes and programs for all ages and activity levels.  The best way to view program offerings is either at or browse thorugh the program guide.

Is there someone who can show me how to use the machines?

There are several options for learning how to use the equipment.  You are welcome to sign up for a free equipment orientation at the membership desk.  Another option is the free Y Fit Start 12 week program if you want the support of a coach and would prefer to learn more gradually.  We also have fitness staff assigned in the fitness centers if you just need some quick instruction or have some questions about your work out.

When do you have lap swim?

It's best to refer to the pool schedule to know when lap swim is offered. Lap swim schedules vary by branch in order to accommodate all members.

Are there towels available?

If you join at Chinatown, Dodge, Harlem, Jamaica, McBurney or West Side we do have towel service at no additional charge. Our other branches unfortunately do not have the capacity for towel service.

Can I bring guests?

Each member is given 6 guest passes to share with family and friends throughout the year. Some branches also sell guest passes.

Can I use Ys when I'm traveling?

Many Ys across the country participate in the AWAY (Always Welcome At the Y) program.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership rates vary by branch.  It's best to visit or call the Y for rates.  We offer financial assistance in hardship cases.

Do you have trainers?

We have several trainers and can help you choose the one to help you reach your health goals.  We offer a variety of trainer packages.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Please check with your branch regarding the amount of time you may place on hold.

Can I use other YMCAs in NYC?

Your membership gives you 10 free visits to other Ys in NYC.  We also offer a city wide membership that gives access to all Ys in NYC