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Dance - Ballet and Tap for Preschoolers

This combination class introduces young children to beginner ballet and basic tap techniques. Students become aware of body alignment and movement through exposure to dance fundamentals, rhythmic exercise, and creative movement. Program is offered at the following branches: Cross Island and State Island South Shore.

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Creative Movement

Creative movement is an introduction for toddlers to the basics of dance. Pre-schoolers will explore dance as a tool for self-expression using rhythm games, songs, and stories. Children learn balance, coordination, and develop basic locomotive skills.

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Imagination Theater

A great first theater experience that uses stories as the basis for imaginative play. Participants will work with a different story each week to explore characters, settings, and plot. a wonderful way for children to learn to express their emotions and interact with their peers. Program is offered at the Prospect Park YMCA.

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Soccer for Preschoolers

Children's soccer is an instructional class that teaches basic soccer skills, as well as a love for sport. Develops teamwork and participation in a fun, non-competitive environment. Program is available at the Bronx, Cross Island, Dodge, Prospect Park and West Side YMCA.

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