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This workshop will explore the art of collage and its many materials and techniques as a form of personal expression. Students will cut, tear, and glue a variety of found and painted papers to larger paper, and work with media such as water-based paint, pencils, and charcoal. They will experiment with color, shape, texture, and line to layer compositions and organize images and ideas. Some projects will include three-dimensional formats such as assemblage and artists' books, when possible, with local artists who use paper. Reflection and dialogue will be an ongoing part of the workshop. All levels of experience are welcome. Students bring their own supplies and will receive a list of materials and small tools. For more information, please contact Susan Fleminger via email or phone (917-270-1675) or stop by the Park Slope Armory Membership Desk.


Susan Fleminger
Susan is an artist and arts educator. She has taught the Adult Collage/Mixed Media Class at the Y for the past six years, which she greatly enjoys. She has had her own work exhibited in galleries, museums and art centers including the Brooklyn Museum, the Parrish Museum, Figureworks Gallery, Southampton Arts Center, and the Carter Burden Gallery. Ms. Fleminger, a NYC native, attended the High School Music and Art, Pratt Institute, and received a B.A. from Hofstra University, and a M.A. from Hunter College. 


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Introduction and exploration of the instrument, electric or acoustic, taught in a fun, creative way. Students will learn technique, chords, melody, scale construction, finding notes, songs, reading music, tuning, and more. As a collective, come together to learn and play in our Adult Group Class or Private Guitar Lessons are available for all ages. Students must provide their own guitar. For more information, please contact Leah Kreible via email or phone (212-912-2588). 


Daniel Tortoledo
Venezuelan musician and educator, Daniel, graduated from the Berklee College of Music, with a special focus in songwriting, production, and performance, before settling here in Brooklyn. As an experienced teacher he has found innovative ways to introduce students to all levels of music concepts. Daniel's long-standing passion for music inspires his students to explore music as a tool to connect and communicate with others, while also expressing themselves. 


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This class combines fitness and self-defense with warm ups, stretching, and conditioning. Our adults will learn the art of karate, as well as the importance of the mind/body connection. In this class, we will work on basic techniques and form. It's a great way to workout and relieve stress! 


Sensei Yasser
As a 5th Degree Black Belt, Sensei Yasser is a National and International Champion. He was a Gold Medalist at the London Open Karate Championship in 1995 and a Bronze Medalist at the 2nd Kobe Osaka World Cup in Scotland in 1994. Yasser has trained in Karate and Martial Arts for over 40 years and has been teaching with the YMCA for over 15 years. 

Sensei Mostafa
Sensei Mostafa is a 5th Degree Black Belt. Mostafa has trained in Karate and Martial Arts for over 40 years and has been teaching for over 35 years, 15 of them with the YMCA. Sensei is a five-time World Champion, a seven-time Grand Champion, and holds 12 International Titles. He has competed in many countries including: Spain, Scotland, Algeria, Malaysia, Germany, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Kuwait, Tunisia, and Ireland. 


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