English Language and Employment Services for Adult Immigrants and Refugees (ELESAIR)

ELESAIR has become one of the city's largest community-based Adult Literacy programs. ELESAIR is now a one-stop assistance center where immigrant adults with little means and limited English skills can obtain the full range of services - instructional, vocational, placement and support - so essential to their prospects as New Yorkers.

Instructional services include English as a Second Language, Cultural Orientation, Citizenship Preparation, Job Readiness, and Computer Literacy.

ELESAIR Class Schedule:

Morning Classes: 10am – 1pm (Monday to Thursday)
Afternoon Classes: 2pm – 5pm (Monday to Thursday)
Evening Classes: 6pm – 9pm (Monday to Thursday)

Next cycle: Summer 2015. View the flyer for registration information and locations.

REGISTER NOW! Please bring a copy of a bill with your home address (ID optional).

For more information, please contact:

Lorna Blancaflor, Program Coordinator
Telephone 212-875-4345
Fax 212-724-2344
Email lblancaflor@ymcanyc.org