About the Jamaica YMCA

Formerly known as the Central Queens YMCA, the Jamaica YMCA opened in 1928 on Parsons Boulevard. The black population of Queens had grown to more than 10,000 people, many of whom were settling in Jamaica, and this YMCA soon welcomed them as members.

The Jamaica YMCA is rich in history and culture. The facility has been housed in the same building for nearly 40 years and was originally used as a center for boys. It's expansive maze of rooms have been converted to meet the needs of the changing community, by providing member and non-members alike with a multitude of classes, programs, and services including guest rooms.

Meet the Staff-

Cedric Dew - Executive Director
Gloria Messam - Development Assoicate
Tony Poprilo - Director of Sales and Membership Engagement 
Janet Martinez  - Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator

Teo Tejada - Aquatics Director
Juliet Beecher - Youth and Family Director
Lenis Perez - Teen Director
Thomas McTernan - Business Manager
Fred Middleton - Housing Director
Orlando Rivera - Property Director


We are available for our community @ 718-739-6600
We now offer free parking to our members call to find out how.