Our Board

The Greenpoint YMCA Board of Managers is passionate about serving their local communities of Greenpoint and Williamsburg.




Board Chair


Paul Pullo




Vice Chair


Frank Carbone




Past Chairs


Frank Carbone, Immediate Past Chair


Martha Holstein, Past Chair


Roseanne Antonucci, Past Chair


Alfred Jennings, Past Chair




Board Members


Roseanne Antonucci


Gina Argento


Aki Ashe


Barbara Burger


Dustin Cooper


Peter Cruz


Jack Georgakis


Debbie Hootam


La-Asia Hundley


Michael Kawochka


Christopher Lenard


Dr. Charles Ptak, DDS


Christina Pullo


Walter Sanchez


Nanyamka Scott


Ana Maria Sencovici


Craig Shillitto


Heidi Shea Springer


Scott Stedman


Rad Suchowolak


Miriam Sy-Gorski


Kristopher Sykes