Preschool Programs

Take a look at  all of our programs to get your preschooler active and engaged below.

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Basketball for Preschoolers

Introduce your child to the game of basketball. Smaller basketballs and lower baskets are used to build confidence and proper skills, but most importantly to have fun! Program offered at the Dodge and Cross Island YMCA.

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Introduce your child to the world of sports and early fitness. Skills are broken down and modified into fun games for our young athletes. Children work on hand/eye and foot/eye coordination and directional skills, and build competence in basic sports skills. Program offered at the Dodge YMCA.

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Music and Movement

Enhance your child's development and love of music through song, dance, movement games and instruments. Children will explore movement, melody and rhythm, while learning a wide variety of child friendly songs and dances. These concepts will also nurture their physical and social development. Children sing, listen to stories, play rhythm instruments and more in this movement and music class for young children

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Soccer for Preschoolers

Children's soccer is an instructional class that teaches basic soccer skills, as well as a love for sport. Develops teamwork and participation in a fun, non-competitive environment. Program is available at the Bronx, Cross Island, Dodge, Prospect Park and West Side YMCA.

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