Marie & Antoinette Slaughter’s Story!

Thanks to a generous mom, Marie Slaughter, The Cross Island YMCA Early Childhood Center & After School will be holding our 8th Annual Walk-a-Thon. Our children will take part in a walk-a-thon to help raise money for our Annual Support Campaign.

The YMCA Annual Support Campaign allows children to take part in our Summer Camp, Early Childhood Classes and many other YMCA programs. These children would not have been able to take part in these programs without the help of donations from supporters like you.  Please suppport the Cross Island Y now!

Marie Slaughter has been an active volunteer of the Cross Island YMCA since 2007.  When Marie first joined the YMCA in 2006, she had fallen on hard times, not working and taking care of an infant and her father who was in his final stages of cancer.  She applied for Financial Aid and received a partial scholarship to enroll her child in the Gym/Swim program and later in the Early Childhood program.  Since then Marie has got back on her feet and has since been one of the biggest advocates for the Annual Support Campaign – the campaign ensures no one is turned away for inability to pay at the Cross Island YMCA.

She has singlehandedly raised over $10,000 by talking with fellow members and family and friends.  As the YMCA offers many programs for individuals of all backgrounds and ages the money that she raises truly helps the community!  Marie is extraordinary for turning her life around and wanting to give back to those that helped her in her time of need.

Hear her story from her here and make a donation here to help even more people like Marie!