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Teens Take the City

Civic Engagement

Teens Take the City is a program unique to the YMCA of Greater New York. Teens Take the City is a civic engagement program focused specifically on NYC government and fostering community organizing skills.

Teens Take the City aims to educate participants about who runs their neighborhoods and how to become active participants in school and community life.  Primary program activities will include community mapping projects, educational workshops, and the preparation of a presentation showcasing students’ research and findings. Through these activities, oral and written communication skills will be improved, leadership abilities strengthened, and solid resumes for college developed.  The program will provide opportunities for students to:

  • Understand the New York City legislative system;
  • Read and debate current bills before the New York City Council;
  • Meet and work alongside local politicians, professionals and managers of NYC agencies;
  • Hold a legislative session in New York City Council Chambers; and
  • Pursue internship opportunities within City government
  • Make change in their community

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