The Flushing YMCA will be open on Christmas Eve from 7am - 3pm and will close on Christmas Day. Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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Latest News

New program to help minority, senior women with heart disease

When it comes to hearts, men and women are not created equally. Women who have experienced a heart attack have a higher risk of a subsequent heart attack or death compared with men, according to the American Heart Association. To help women live long and well with heart disease, the Cigna Foundation announced a $100,000 World of Difference grant to New York University College of Nursing to pilot and test Helping Women Help Themselves to Improve Heart Health. The program’s objective is to improve and sustain heart healthy behaviors in racial minority and older women with, or at risk for heart disease, and it will include YMCAs of New York, where support is offered in a community setting. Read more…

Reverse the onset of diabetes with simple lifestyle changes and healthy living programs

Being diagnosed with prediabetes doesn’t have to lead to severe medical complications. With increased awareness and simple lifestyle changes, it’s possible to reverse the track. Programs like the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program have been shown to reduce the number of new cases of type 2 diabetes by 58 percent for individuals with prediabetes. Read more…

Kids revel in a ‘Winter Wonderland’ at JFK

With some holiday magic, an airplane hangar in JFK’s Terminal 2 became a winter wonderland last Wednesday. As part of the 4th annual “JFK Holiday in the Hangar” event, a nationwide program hosted by Delta Airlines and the YMCA, 150 students from PS 154 in the Bronx were treated to a day of fun in Queens. Read more…

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