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Rhythmic Gymnastics and Power Tumbling 2017

July 16-21, 2017
For Boys and Girls Ages 7-17

Join the New York YMCA Camp at our final 2017 Open House!
Sunday May 7th, Noon to 4 PM 

Each summer, this internationally recognized training camp, led by Wendy Hilliard, former U.S. National Team coach and member, offers gymnasts the opportunity to develop skills and strengthen abilities. We provide the ideal venue for dedicated campers to grow into champions.  A low gymnast-to-coach ratio ensures the perfect balance of individual attention.

Facilities include a 16,000 square foot training space with high ceilings, power tumbling equipment, rhythmic gymnastics carpets, girls artistic equipment and an in ground pit. To ensure the safety of gymnasts, each of our trainers is certified by USA Gymnastics. Around-the-clock medical attention is also provided.

Upon arrival, gymnasts are individually evaluated by our world-class coaching staff and receive a personal training regimen. Each day consists of morning and afternoon training sessions, dance training and a 2-hour optional workout time in the evening. The camp concludes with a performance showcase.

Of course, there’s plenty of time set aside to enjoy our beautiful thousand-acre camp! Gymnasts will swim in our lakes, explore the woods with their friends and counselor, be creative with arts and crafts, try their luck at fishing and more. There is also an option to sign up for horseback riding.

Best of all, the YMCA teaches all of our campers to be responsible, caring, honest, and respectful people – values to share with family, friends and everyone.

Rhythmic Gymnastics and Tumbling Experience                                         


  • Body development, strength and flexibility training
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment handling, elements and tricks
  • Routine Evaluation
  • Personal routine choreopgraphy
  • Hip hop and jazz dance lessons


  • Power Tumbling and DMT
  • Strength, power and flexibility training
  • Drills, pass building and new skill instruction

State-of-the-Art Facilities at the Gymnastics Field House 

16,000 square feet of training space

  • 2 Rhythmic Gymnastics floors
  • Stall and ballet bars
  • Very high ceilings
  • Power tumbling and DMT equipment
  • Full Rod floor with run-up and regulation landing area
  • Two Euro DMT with competition run and landing area
  • Trainers and medical attention on site 24/7


         Tier 1: $759

         Tier 2: $709

         Tier 3: $659

For information about financial assistance, click here.