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International Judo Camp 2017

A Welcoming Community for over 45 Years
August 6-12, 2017
Ages 7 and up

George Pasiuk, Co-founder and George Harris, Member 1964 US Olympic Team, Co-founders

Pawel Nastula, Olympic Gold Medalist, Guest Instructor

Our inclusive community of instructors and players invites all levels and ages to experience how rewarding this sport can be.

For 45 years, the YMCA International Judo Camp offers players of all ranks the opportunity to train and practice under the guidance of an impressive roster of Olympic medalists, world champions and university coaches. These dedicated instructors share with participants the concepts of “the gentle way,” teaching in a safe and encouraging manner.

Those who participate in our camp spend a week in an environment that is friendly, supportive and accepting. In addition to building self-confidence, Judo players improve their skills and techniques, while strengthening coordination, sharper reflexes and flexibility.

Start each day watching the sunrise, exercising, meditating or relaxing with friends over breakfast. During morning classes, players engage in a combined multi-level warm-up session, followed by a class rotation of techniques tailored according to rank. After lunch, learn from our world-class guest instructor, or take advantage of classes in Kata, refereeing, coaching or competition. Evenings offer two hours of Randori.  A tournament ends the week and is open to International Judo Camp families.

There’s also plenty of free time to enjoy traditional camp activities, such as hiking, canoeing, swimming and more at our 1,000-acre camp. All meals and housing facilities are included in the cost of camp.

Fee:  Adult - Tier One: $699

                      Tier Two: $599

        Youth -  Tier One:  $599

                      Tier Two:  $499

Registration is now open!