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Annual Campaign

Strong Kids

Six Lives at a
Turning Point

Six kids who once had trouble picturing a better future, now pursue it with vigor and passion. Here are six visions, six paths of opportunity and promise. Six tales of hurt vanquished, obstacles overcome and potential unleashed.







The YMCA Annual Campaign is a challenge to the people of New York City. Let’s unlock the potential of our greatest natural resource: our youth.

Let’s level the field of opportunity so that every kid gets the chance to exercise his or her talents, or start a new business, or discover an inner strength, or run for office.

Let’s show New York kids that the adults they see on the sidewalks, in the taxis, and on the subways really care about them. And are willing to do something about it.

We need these kids as much as they need us. Let’s let them know what they mean to us.

These kids are six of the 250,000 reasons the YMCA Annual Campaign
came to be and why it matters more than ever.

Give to the Y and you are contributing to the future of New York City.

Every Gift Counts Because Every Kid Counts

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