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New to Aquatics at the Y

    Shrimp (6-8 months)
    Kipper (9-12 months)
    Inia (13-18 months)
    Perch (19-36 months)
    PRESCHOOL (Ages 3-5)
    Pike (Beginner)
    Eel (Intermediate Beginner)*
    Ray (Advanced Beginner)*
    Starfish (Advanced Beginner)*
    YOUTH (Ages 6-12)
    Polliwog (Beginner)
    Guppy (Advanced Beginner)*
    Minnow (Intermediate)*
    Fish (Intermediate)*
    Flying Fish (Advanced)*
    Shark (Advanced)*
    TEEN (Ages 12-17)
    Teen Beginner
    Teen Advanced Beginner*
    Teen Intermediate*
    Teen Advanced*

The Y offers a progressive swim lesson program for youth of all ages. There are six, eight-week sessions throughout the year. Lessons are categorized by age and ability level - see the chart to the right for a full list of swim lesson levels.

›› Please note that a swim cap is required to enter our pools.

Registering for Swim Lessons

*All levels with an asterisk require that your child either pass the level prior or take a swim evaluation to register for the class.

Swim evaluations take approximately 10 minutes, are free and can be scheduled by contacting the Aquatics Director at your branch.

Members may register for classes up to two weeks prior the start of a session and non-members may register up to one week prior. Register >

The skills taught in our Aquatic Program center around five main components:

  • Personal safety: Activities that help increase awareness of personal safety issues for both the child and the family, including boating safety
  • Personal growth: Activities that help the child and the family grow in spirit, mind, and body, including character development
  • Stroke development: Activities that help develop swimming abilities so participants can move in the water safely
  • Water sports and games: Activities that help develop an appreciation of aquatic activities that may last a lifetime, including age-appropriate games and songs.
  • Rescue: Activities that build awareness of how to help others in aquatic emergencies

Branch Aquatic Directors

  Bedford-Stuyvesant Anderson Seales 718-789-1497
  Bronx Nadia Arroyo 718-792-9736
  NY Camp Hillary Southard  845-858-2200
  Chinatown Miguel Garcia 212-912-2480
  Coney Island Oytun Tangul 718-215-6933
  Cross Island Lisa Losh / Diane DiPeri 718-479-0505
  Dodge Svetlana Barker 718-625-3136
  Flushing Felix Hor 718-961-6880
  Greenpoint Ariel Hyman 212-912-2260
  Harlem Justin Daniels 212-912-2016
  Jamaica Teo Tejada 718-739-6600
  Long Island City Mohinder Rana 212-912-2572
  McBurney Madhur Patel 212-912-2321
  North Brooklyn Heidi Ortiz 718-277-1600
  Prospect Park Amy Whitsell 718-768-7100
  Rockaway Virginia Clay 718-215-6962
  S-I Broadway Rom Staton 718-981-4933
  S-I South Shore Michael Creegan 718-227-3200
  Vanderbilt Ivy Guerra 212-912-2536
  West Side Melanie Torres 212-912-2676
  Cabinet Chair Mary O'Donoghue 212-630-9624
  Executive  rep Erika Rautenstrauch 718-768-7100